In response to the National Action Committee

On July 19, 2019, the Socialist Party USA National Action Committee (NAC) issued a statement in response to two editorial submissions published by The Socialist. The articles in question voiced support for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China, specifically in their struggles against U.S. imperialism. Although the Party’s platform and principles describes itself as a multi-tendency organization, this statement explicitly undermined the anti-imperialist nature of these articles and described them as “in conflict with our core principles.”

Whether or not one agrees with the content of the articles in question, all should agree that the urgency with which this statement was published is somewhat disturbing, as the NAC has rarely issued any other statements in recent months. It appears that the NAC is far more concerned with policing and silencing members’ opinions than engaging with the real political issues of our time. So-called “editorial oversight” of The Socialist has been made a higher priority than supporting organizing efforts and allowing the opinions of members to be heard. This statement from the NAC should be condemned, and it must be made clear that its publication is a misrepresentation of the democratic and socialist principles of our party.

Written by concerned members in support of multi-tendency representation and Party unity. Approved by the membership of the Socialist Party of Ventura County on July 21st, 2019.

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